Monday, 31 March 2014

Sunday Catch-Up #24

Just quickly nipped down to Costco... Bourbon, loud music and Articulate. I'm... Painkillers
Just popped into Costco... big mistake // Game night in with Articulate // Painkillers

Fragrance Direct orders make me happy So much Adventure Time. Oh my glob. Dog vs Swan - FYI the...
Fragrance Direct order // So much Adventure Time // Dog Vs Swan

Spring, spring, spring...
Spring has sprung

Whoops, looks like I completely forgot to post my weekly Instagram round up yesterday, so it's coming a tad late from me today.

Last week was actually the first of two weeks off for me before I start my new job. I already feel so much more relaxed and rested and ready for anything life might throw at me. We had friends over on Tuesday for a drunken game night and made the most of the glorious weather over the weekend with long walks in the park and the countryside, which our little Cockerspaniel-Boxer cross Ninja enjoyed thoroughly.

Wednesday was spent sitting around at home feeling sorry for myself after said dog jumped up at me and ripped my right earring out. It took pretty much all of my willpower not to scream and cry, but unsurprisingly some strawberry cheesecake minis made the pain much more bearable.

Joe also got me the most amazing Adventure Time leggings I've ever seen and I've basically refused to take them off ever since they arrived in the post. They might not be the most flattering item of clothing, but who cares - it's Adventure Time!

How's your week been?


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