Sunday, 2 March 2014

March Wish List

March Wish List
Edla Backpack Bexicheck, Monki, £20 // Sharon Leaf Necklace, Monki, £8 // Ice Cream Applique Jumper, Topshop, £45 // Jewellery Hook Mirror, Next, £16 // Set of 2 Fruit and Veg Hampers, Next, £12 // Mini tealight lanterns, Dwell, £34.95 // Double triangle hoops, River Island, £6 // Surrealist Knotted Headwrap, Forever 21, £3.15 // Pink kaleidoscope print high waisted shorts, River Island, £28 // Pretty-Tough floral high-tops, Forever 21, $29.80

How can you tell that we just moved into a new house? Sneaky home ware items have even made it onto my monthly wish list! My tastes in fashion and homeware couldn't be more diametrically opposed - while I love clothes that are bright, colourful and even quite childish at times, when it comes to home decoration I'm all for a muted, understated vintage look. 

The hooked mirror is actually intended for jewellery storage, but I think it would make itself very nicely in the hallway, to hang keys on and do that absolutely necessary last lipstick / hair check before you leave the house. I'm also on the hunt for a nice fruit bowl, but actually these baskets are probably a lot nicer than any old bowl - especially the white mixing bowl I'm currently using to put all my fruit in!! Lastly, I could quite happily decorate my house in anything from Dwell, but their prices are certainly holding me back. Those little tealight lanterns would make create such a warm, cosy atmosphere in the evenings - albeit £35 for the set is rather steep!

Back onto fashion and I'm so glad that it's now socially acceptable to wear backpacks instead of hand bags again. I love to cram my whole life into my bag and as a result my shoulder always gets stiff and sore from carrying huge bags, but with a backpack I no longer need to worry about that! I love the print on this Monki one and £20 is quite the bargain!

Speaking of prints, the kaleidoscope print on those River Island shorts is actually making my brain a little confused. It's like they're hypnotising me whilst slowly whispering "buy me..." into my ear.

Quite annoyingly, both the double triangle earrings and the flower print hi-tops are sold out - though I'm not even sure why I put the earrings on there, seeing as I can't even wear earrings due to my earlobes being stretched. Guess I just liked the look of them!

I also didn't think I'd ever say this, but I quite fancy getting my hands on a nice head wrap. I particularly  like the look of this bright Forever 21 number. I could just imagine feeling like a slightly crazy painter adding those deciding brush strokes while wearing my hair tied back in this. Perhaps that's my imagination going a little overboard, here!

And last but not least, that ice cream jumper. Happiness. On. A. Jumper. Need I say anything else?

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