Monday, 3 March 2014

Sunday Catch-Up #21

Chocolate orange pancake stack with Grand... Looking forward to this now! Fat Thursday is doughnut day!
Choco-Orange pancakes // Tickets to the Photography show // Fat Thursday = Doughnut time!

Kohlrabi!!! Never thought I'd get so... Well, this wasn't there last time... Mmmmmh, sushi in the sunshine
Kohlrabi, anyone? // Library-mostrosity // Sushi in the sunshine makes me happy

Travel reads. It's been way too... We Came As Romans at Impericon...
Travel reads // We Came As Romans at Impericon exposure tour

This week has been very busy again and quite indulgent when it comes to sweet treats: Chocolate orange pancakes, doughnuts... but in all fairness I've been getting pretty excited about my fruit and veg as well. In particular that Kohlrabi that came in my weekly veg box. It's really hard to get hold of, but tastes absolutely divine cut into strips and eaten raw.

As February turned into March, the days have actually become a bit sunnier again and I've made the most of every last minute of sunshine, making sure to soak up some of that lovely vitamin D. I've still got a whole new (albeit pebbled) garden to sort out fairly soon, so that it can be lush and green and lovely for summer. Problem is I know absolutely nothing about gardening!

Today we went back down to London for a gig we'd booked a while ago and saw a few bands at the Rocksound Impericon exposure tour at the O2 Islington. The bands ranged from alright to pretty good, but I don't think we'll be going to another O2 Islington gig - the atmosphere there just tends to be overall a bit meh.

Tomorrow it's back up home for another week of work - but not before I spend the evening browsing through my new copies of Elle.

How's your week been?

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