Monday, 24 March 2014

Review: Palmer's Cocoa Body Scrub

Even though loads of people love the Palmer's Cocoa body butters it's not a product I ever felt completely convinced by. Oddly enough, even though I love chocolate, I'm also not a huge fan of cocoa smell in beauty products. But this little gem is a happy exception and I've been loving using this up until the very last drop.

To start with, the texture of this body scrub is completely different to any other I've ever used. Imagine a rich, thick butter-like cream, not entirely dissimilar to a balm with various sizes of grains suspended within. I've never had this with any other body scrubs, but this one actually feels moisturising to use. But don't think that the texture somehow detracts from its scrubiness (technical term here).

The grains are perfectly sized to be efficient, but not leave skin red and raw. It also doesn't just slide straight off your skin and down the plug hole like so many other body scrubs, but is sticky enough to give you plenty of time to rub it into the skin properly.

As for the scent it is absolutely divine. It manages to be chocolatey and delicious, but without in any way being sickly sweet. It doesn't last on the skin, but is an absolute pleasure to use. Like I mentioned above I've used up every single drop of this and wouldn't hesitate to repurchase it in a heart beat. I might even go as far as saying that this is possibly the best body scrub I've ever used!

Palmer's Cocoa Body Scrub retails at £4.99 a tub.

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