Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday Catch-Up #23

Time to lace up those trainers again Rawr, alphabites! Most awesome phone case ever
Time to start running again // Rawr, Alphabites! // Best phone case ever

Trifle conveyor belt Guess what I've just joined
Trifle conveyor belt // Getting serious about shaping up

Hah, this week seems to be a study in contradictions. There we have a conveyor belt of almost-ready trifles and at the same time I laced up my running shoes again and to top it all off joined a gym as well. Now that the days are getting longer I find it much easier to be motivated to work out and look after myself. Cold, dark weather just makes me want to lounge around on my sofa drinking wine and eating chocolate. It was definitely time for an overhaul!

It's been quite a monumental week in many respects, as I've also quit my job on Saturday. Now I want to shape up and do all those things I never had the time to do before I start my new job. Tomorrow's project is finally sorting out our garden. Seeing as it's almost April it's about time!

How's your week been?


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