Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review: Organic Surge Refreshing Toner

I was introduced to Organic Surge as a brand several months ago through a beauty box which featured one of their cleansers which left me pretty impressed. I soon ventured online and ordered this toner to go alongside it in my skincare routine.

And just like the cleanser, this toner really made me look twice. It's a very light, refreshing liquid that doesn't sting nor does it leave your skin sticky in any way. The rosemary and lemon oils it contains make for a very refreshing scent and although it doesn't linger, it just adds to the experience making it a pleasure to use morning and evening.

As for skin benefit it's a tricky one to judge. I never found toners to make a huge impact on my skin, but I feel like this one has just very nicely slotted into my usual skincare regime and seems to make other products work just a bit more effectively.

The only thing stopping me from repurchasing it at the moment is the fact that you have to buy Organic Surge products from their website directly - I prefer being able to just pop into a shop and grab something or make bulk online purchases from more than just one brand. On the plus side, they constantly seem to have some sort of discount going on and at £6.50 a pop, it's certainly affordable and a great price for the quality you get!

Have you tried anything from Organic Surge?

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