Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Catch-Up #22

2014-03-10_1394462733 2014-03-13_1394736842 2014-03-15_1394899659
Among the worst feelings in the world // Saw gyros stand in Camden, had to have some // Picnic by the lake

2014-03-05_1394041897 2014-03-07_1394224970 2014-03-09_1394361151
K.O.'ed Ninja // Blurry friday night red lip selfie // Spring is definitely coming

2014-03-10_1394461730 2014-03-10_1394471695 2014-03-11_1394552038
Greasy, filthy pub lunch - yes, please! // So addicted to these, had to get another colour // Little puppy enjoying the sunshine

2014-03-12_1394652101 2014-03-13_1394730954 2014-03-13_1394731289
Waiting for Eskimo Callboy // Glasses with eye brows - why not I guess? // Love those Cheap Monday sunnies

2014-03-14_1394789814 2014-03-14_1394813488
Little Fragrance Direct order // Random chilli in my miushrooms

I unashamedly skipped last week's Sunday Catch-Up, as I'd taken all of 3 pictures all week and hadn't really done anything worth mentioning, so thought I'd rather not bore you with a "I went to work and I made some food" type of post.

This week on the other hand was a lot more interesting. I popped back down to London for two days during the week, first and foremost to go to a gig at the Underworld. Eskimo Callboy are a pretty unknown band, so the gig was tiny which meant that I got to the front row and was probably about 5 inches away from the two vocalists from my favourite band for the whole set - how many people can say that, huh? We also left with another drumstick to add to our now growing collection - we might just need to get a cabinet to start displaying them!

The following day I popped down to the Trafalgar Hotel for the Specsavers SS14 launch. I immediately fell in love with the Cheap Monday models for their pared down, edgy design. Red or Dead had frames with detachable, interchangeable eye brows and while it's a cool idea I don't think that even I could pull these off (says the girl who wears lime green skinny jeans with a yellow dinosaur T-Shirt and bright pink bracelets).

We popped back to Camden afterwards for a bit of Camden food and a few more metal plaques for our living room.

The weather has been stellar this past week, so our Cocker Spaniel / Boxer cross puppy Ninja has been enjoying lots of long walks at the park or further afield. We even got in a romantic picnic by the lake which honestly felt like a little mini vacation.

How's your week been?


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