Thursday, 19 June 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Round-up Review

Montagne Jeunesse do this thing where they have their masks strategically placed at tills and at the end of various aisles and the temptation to put a little skincare treat into my shopping basket is just too hard to resist sometimes! I've packed a few of their products that I've tried lately into one post to let you know what I think of them all.

This chocolate mask smells simply amazing, although it really made me crave a Terry's chocolate orange! As the name suggests it's a self-heating mask, which I do like on occasion, as it just feels like it's really doing something. Unfortunately, it is also the messiest mask I've ever had to apply, as it's really runny and sticky. The stickiness also translated into the skin, which felt sticky even after I washed everything off. I only got one application out of this sachet, as it just made such a mess that I couldn't store whatever was left over. This is my least favourite out of this bunch and I wouldn't buy another one.

The Very Berry mask is a whole different story. It smells like a delicious smoothie and applies in a thick, smooth cream which felt very pleasant and slightly cooling on the skin. After rinsing, my face felt moisturised and incredibly soft. I got two applications out of a sachet and will definitely pick up a few more of these whenever my skin needs a little boost. This one is my favourite out of the lot!

The passion mask had the weakest scent out of all of them, so a great one if you don't want too overwhelming a smell in your product. It was slightly sticky upon application, but didn't run as bad as the chocolate mask. What I really liked was that once it dried, it was really easy to peel the whole thing off in one swoop, unlike some masks which you basically have to rub off in thousands of bits. My skin was left feeling really clean, but I definitely needed to apply quite a lot of moisturiser afterward. Great for oily skin or to clean out some impurities.

This sheet mask was my latest addition which I received in a Love Me Beauty box last week. It has an amazing blackcurrant scent and comes as a fairly wet piece of fabric. While the top half fit my contours really well, the bottom half was way too big, so I struggled to get it to sit snugly on my chin. Thankfully, the wetness of the fabric prevented it to fall off my face, so I could still walk around with it on, although it did come loose on my chin several times. Once washed off the result was clean, but still hydrated skin. Although the effect was nice, I'm just not sure if sheet masks are really my thing. I only got one application out of this one as I couldn't reuse the sheet.

These all retail at £1 each apart from the fabric mask, which costs £1.49.

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