Saturday, 28 June 2014

Beauty News: The Julep Plié Wand

Julep is a brand I first heard about thanks to their Julep Maven boxes - a box of different coloured nail polishes delivered to your door each month. From what I've read about these boxes Julep nail varnishes seem to be of consistent good quality and come in a huge array of shades and finishes. But this post isn't about their polishes, but about their latest release, the Plié Wand.

This is basically a screw-on top you can add to any Julep polish bottle that will turn it into a pen, which is meant to make application easier, smoother and more comfortable. I think I can see where they are coming from - a longer wand would make it a lot easier to apply long, smooth strokes from your wrists, rather than having to cramp your fingers around a short, stubby brush. I'm usually alright doing my left hand as I'm right-handed, but the other way around my polish tends to look a tad wonky, so it would be quite interesting to see if this little magic wand would be able to sort it out for me.

There are attachments available for purchase that turn it into either a dotting tool or a nail striper for those of you who are already quite confident at nail art. Julep isn't currently available over here in the UK, but you can purchase the whole set including all attachments on the US Sephora website, which now ships to the UK, for $35. Let me know in the comments if you decide to give it a go and how you get on!

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