Wednesday, 1 January 2014

January Wish List

January Wish List

Grey floral money print t-shirt, River Island, £18 // Rose gold tone cut out knuckle ring, River Island, £5 // Quilt across body bag with rabbit ears, Asos, £18 // Dasi slim holographic jeans belt, Pieces, £7 //  Simone intarsia cardi, Ecote, £45 // Naked 3 Palette, Urban Decay, £37 // Clara dress in ripple print, Whistles, £155 // Bluntly does it t-shirt, Drop Dead, £30 // Black shark print satin front t-shirt, River Island, £20

Some might say it's a tad over-indulgent to start off the new year with a big wish list just as the crazy December spending frenzy comes to an end, but I've actually been holding back on the spending if anything and a little window shopping doesn't hurt anyone. That's my excuse at least.

I've been really impressed with River Island lately. I feel like over the past year or so they've really reinvented themselves and found a new edgy, urban style that lacks all of the tackiness some of their items have displayed in the past. As I scrolled through their latest additions on their website, I fell in love with almost everything, so apologies if this list is a little River Island heavy.

Drop Dead is another brand that never fails to produce clothes I love and I adored this t-shirt when I popped into their Soho store last month.

I put the Whistles dress on my wish list two days ago, but by now it's already sold out on Asos. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of prints and even though I don't normally wear a lot of dresses I'd quite happily make an exception for this stunner.

And last but not least, the hype around the Naked 3 palette has left me cold for months, MONTHS I tell you, but ever since all those gorgeous pictures and swatches started appearing all over my Blogger and Bloglovin dashboards I can't help but feel a deep seated craving creeping up on me. I already own the Naked 2 palette as well as a huge selection of nude eye shadows, but there's something about the pretty girly rose gold shades in this palette that means I just have to own one. As soon as possible.

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