Monday, 20 January 2014

Sunday Catch-up #15

Balsamic mushrooms on toast for breakfast // Making cake always gets me excited // Can't wait to see these live in March

Lemony mint toothpaste - Eww! // Creating a memory board for this year

Not a lot of pictures from me this week, which doesn't mean it wasn't busy - on the contrary! As well as working 6 days this week, we started hunting for a new flat which took up a huge chunk of my time. Not to mention that moving house turned out to be a lot more stressful than anticipated.

The last picture shows a new project me and Joe have started. As we never take pictures when we do something fun (mainly cause we're too busy, ya know... having fun) we never have anything to just hold and look at and remember the happy times. So this year we want to make an effort and keep tickets and passes and pictures and memorabilia on a cork board hanging in the bedroom. There's still a lot of space at the moment, as it's only January, but there's already a few tickets for upcoming gigs and a visit to Harry Potter studios waiting there!

How's your week been?

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