Monday, 27 January 2014

Sunday Catch-Up #16

Love my monthly Love Me Beauty box // Keys for our new car // Birthday gift from Mum & Dad

Drinking my butterbeer // Magic printing press // Sooooo much cheeeeeese sauce

This week's been a pretty good one for me, but boy can I tell you... I'm knackered! Work's been mad and not having two days off one after another is starting to take its toll on my energy levels. Thank god I have a nice relaxing Monday and Tuesday ahead of me!

At the beginning of the week me and Joe finally bought another car. You don't technically need one in London and it's only a small little Peugeot, but it's so nice to be able to drive again... I really missed it. Ironically, I haven't even seen it yet, as we can't park it in front of our current flat, so it's staying in front of a relative's house.

On Friday I turned 25 (euuuurrrghhhh) and as a "surprise" (I knew about it ages ago) he took me to The Making of Harry Potter. It was an amazing day out and I felt like I was a little girl again, reading the Harry Potter books for the first time. We finished the day with an incredibly cheesy hot dog at Ed's Diner - nothing fancy, but I didn't particularly feel like going to a big posh restaurant anyway.

Now, time to soak in a big foamy bubble bath.

How's your week been?

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