Monday, 13 January 2014

Sunday Catch-up #14

Christmas decorations packed away for next year // Very late Christmas gift // Work cocktails at Powder Keg

Amazing Drop Dead rings // Snazzy takeaway box // Wearing my lucky Saints socks still didn't help us win

Planning my posts in my gorgeous new diary // Cosy log fire // First Sunday roast I've had in ages!

Motorway Starbucks is a must // It's stretch time!

As if the second week of January has already come to a close... Time really flies!

This Tuesday we had our late Christmas staff party during which I got disgustingly drunk and subsequently had to nurse an out-of-this-world hangover the next day. I also finally received one of my Christmas gifts from Joe - the lovely Marc Jacobs Honey perfume. It was originally delivered to the wrong address several miles away, so by the time we got it it was over two weeks past Christmas.

For the weekend we went to visit Joe's parents in Tenbury. As much as I love London, it was really great to get out into the countryside, let the dogs run around as much as they want, go for long walks and then cosy up in front of the fireplace. I even had my first roast dinner in months (didn't even have one on Christmas Day) - please disregard the ketchup on the table, there was one person at the dinner table who eats ketchup with literally everything, ha!

Back home I had a parcel waiting for me with two sets of ear stretchers which I ordered a few days ago. I've decided I'm going to stretch my ear lobes for a bit, but only up to a size where they fully heal again once you take the plugs out - nobody wants saggy ears for the rest of their life!

How's your week been?

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