Monday, 13 January 2014

Review: Yes! Nurse Hand Cream

Me and hand cream have a very difficult relationship. While my hands definitely need a good cream as they're in and out of water quite a bit and always get really dry and cracked in winter, I don't use it anywhere near as much as I should. To me there is nothing worse in the world than that feeling of greasy hands when you can't touch anything because it slips through your fingers and leaves a greasy film on all your possessions. Eurgh!

But how could I resist this little box of prettiness? They say you shouldn't be swayed by packaging, but this adorable box with its gorgeous illustrations totally stole my heart. Just look at it!

But let's get to the actual product at hand (see what I did there? Har har!). It was originally designed for nurses, whose hands suffer a lot from constant washing and disinfecting, but who can't afford to stand around and wave their hands about in the air, waiting for a cream to sink in. Sounds familiar somehow!

And I'm glad to report that this lovely product has almost completely cured my hand cream aversion. I apply this every time I go outside and before the end of the first song on my iPhone, it's already completely sunk in and I can touch anything I want without leaving a slimy snail trail.

At this time of the year my hands are usually so dry that the skin around my knuckles cracks and starts to bleed. Not only doesn't that look particularly pretty, it's also rather painful. But this time I've not only completely dodged that problem, but the skin on my hands actually feels rather soft and lovely. It's only fair to say I'm in love!

Aside from individual tubes of hand cream, Yes! Nurse also offer a subscription service which gets you two tubes of their lovely cream as well as a little extra each month. While that's not something I'd get for myself, I think it's a great gift idea for anyone in your life whose hands might need a little extra TLC.

You can find Yes! Nurse hand cream at £5.49 per tube here. Or click here to sign up to their subscription service.

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