Saturday, 3 May 2014

May Wish List

May Wish List
Ice Cream Print Short-sleeved Grey T-Shirt, Romwe, £11.05 // Blue abstract print maxi dress, River Island, £50 // Studded Denim Hotpants, Kate Moss for Topshop, £50 // Leaf Cuff Bracelet, Asos, £12 // Filigree Fine Stack Rings, Asos, £8 // Subtle Geo Midi Rings, Forever 21, £3.90 // Palm Leaf Print Side Split Tee, Topshop, £36 // Black floral print visor, River Island, £13 // Light green oversized sunglasses, River Island, £13 // Westward Studded Sandals, Forever 21, £16.90 // Pineapple Shaped Color Block Bag, Romwe, £12.89 

Everything is better in summer. The days are longer, it tends to be warm and sunny outside and  it feels like you get a lot more spare time to yourself. I find it almost impossible to be sad and mopey on a bright sunny day - it feels like such a waste of life! Likewise, it becomes more acceptable to wear bright and colourful make-up (neon pink nail polish, orange lips and lime-green eye liner anyone?) and the shops are full of bright and happy prints.

The one thing I'm definitely looking into getting this summer is a light, floaty maxi dress that I can just dance and float around in on warm days. But me being me, it's got to have some sort of loud print on it, otherwise it would just feel a little too "meh".

After my recent obsession with friendship bracelets (which is still going strong) I've now branched out into gold jewellery, mainly delicate gold stacking rings and there seems to be loads of choice in the shops lately, at bargain prices too!

Speaking of prices, it seems like Romwe have really lowered theirs ever since I last looked on their website. I remember them originally charging around the £50 mark for a top, whereas now most items are firmly under £30. I can see a big online order coming up soon!

As the weather's getting warmer it's also time to start looking for some appropriate footwear. It's already too warm for boots and I can't just live in my Converse all the time. Sandal shopping is always a bit of a dilemma for me, as I tend to only like pairs with ridiculously high heels, which I then wear once or twice, realise how much they make my feet hurt and then banish them to the back of my cupboard. This year, I absolutely refuse to even consider a pair of Birkenstocks, no matter how comfy/fashionable they might be. I have, however, spotted quite a few pairs with decorated, wrap-around straps which I find very pretty.

An honourable mention goes to those denim shorts by Kate Moss for Topshop. At £50 I would consider them to be at the top end of what I find to be an acceptable price for a pair of shorts, but how perfect are they for festivals? And even if I don't end up going to any festivals this year, I can at least wear them out in the streets and pretend like I'm at a festival...

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