Thursday, 27 February 2014

Review: MUA Clear Mascara

It was only while googling "Clear Mascara" for the purpose of this review that I came across a vast array of uses for clear mascara that I'd never even thought of! For me, clear mascara has always just served the purpose of keeping my brows in place after I'd filled them in using either a pencil or a brow shadow. And that's exactly why I bought this one in particular.

This product is as un-fancy as it could possibly get. The packaging is straightforward, but nevertheless sturdy and serves its purpose well. It doesn't even have an obnoxiously long name - as a matter of fact, it's just called "Mascara". Even the wand is probably the most standard, average mascara wand you could think of.
But for grooming and keeping my brows in place it was pretty much spot on. The brush held on to each brow hair and sorted out any strays, while giving the faintest hint of glossiness to the brows.

It won't make your brows go hard and crispy, but in return I found that it didn't last that long and after a few hours my brows could be all over the place again. If you hate brow products that are a bit too solid and glue-like, this will be perfect for you, but I for one would have happily sacrificed a bit of stickiness for slightly stronger hold - but that's just personal preference.
All in all, considering the price point, this is almost unbeatable. It's £1 (yes, ONE pound) for a solid, reliable brow product (or flyaway tamer or lash glosser or pigment base etc etc). Just bear in mind that if you do use it for taming your brows like I did, the clear packaging won't look as nice as when you first got it for long....

The MUA Mascara in shade 1 seems to have disappeared both from Superdrug's as well as MUA's own website, but I know for a fact that I've seen it in shops not too long ago. Meanwhile, if you fancy any other shades of MUA's aptly named "Mascara" mascara, you can find all other colours here.

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