Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sunday Catch-Up #19

Goodbye London and your horrendously overpriced... Who doesn't love handwritten letters? Mmmmh, sweet treats!!
Bye London and your horrendously overpriced coffees // Handwritten mail // Sweet treats from Poland and Germany

Time to get arty with my... I have palm trees on my... Epic Cajun chicken pasta for dinner...
Competition win - time to get arty! // Amazing palm tree leggings from Primark // Cajun chicken pasta was much needed on Sunday night

So this week we finally got our internet sorted in our new home - those two weeks without any internet connection have been truly horrendous and unsurprisingly I used up all my data on my phone contract. It's unbelievable how helpless you feel these days without an internet connection!

Thankfully there were still lots of things to be done around the new house, so that kept us busy for a fair bit. As the days have been spent driving and running around doing errands and buying stuff (and as the weather has been absolutely awful), my running has been put on hold for a bit again and hopefully I'll be able to resume next week.

Me and Joe didn't actually do anything fancy for Valentine's day. As a matter of fact we didn't do anything at all. I bullied him into buying me some chocolates last week and they were gone before the actual day rolled around. We're both not really huge fans of the pressure of telling someone how much you love them just because there's a holiday for it - it's something you should be doing every day anyway. But hey, some people love it and whatever floats your boat is fine by me.

How's your week been?

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