Monday, 3 February 2014

Sunday Catch-Up #17

Time to make sausage burgers Time for a run means time... Yeeeeeessss, about time!!
Making sausage burgers // Off for a run in the rain // Listening to new Capture the Crown

Came home to this dinner. Thought... Little excited face Had half an hour to spare...
Surprise salmon dinner - yum! // Ninja being cute as usual // Quick & Sneaky purchase

Beer + Super Bowl = Mmmmmhhh
Desperados Red and Superbowl

This week has finally given me the chance to recharge my batteries a little bit, right before life's about to become crazy again from tomorrow onwards. Joe was away for most of the week, so it was just me and the dog from Monday up until Friday. I caught up on lots of work and managed to relax for a bit before work kicked off properly again for the weekend.

I also finally managed to get back into some sort of exercise regime, which even saw me running in the rain (it wasn't a lot of fun). My muscles certainly needed a bit of a wake-up call!

I need to give you a warning and apologise in advance that next week is probably going to be very quiet on the blogging front. We're packing our bags and moving house again (this is the sixth time in two years - getting a bit sick and tired of this), so it's time to live out of a suitcase again for a bit and spend ages setting our new home up.

But before that, we may as well enjoy watching the Superbowl with a few cold beers and a big bag of crisps.

How's your week been?

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