Saturday, 8 February 2014

Review: MUA Cover & Conceal wand

MUA is quite an interesting brand for me. I once bought an amazing eye liner from them and a pretty decent nail polish and even though all the products I've purchased since have been more or less duds, I just keep finding myself drawn to the brand again and again. Maybe it's the ridiculously low prices, maybe it's their way of constantly coming out with new and innovative products, but something just draws me to their display more than most of the other brands'.

So, when I was in the market for a new concealer, how could I resist this concealer wand that retails at £1.50? Bargain! I'll admit that I was secretly hoping it would be on par with my beloved Collection concealer, which is already extremely cheap, but still about three times the price of this one.

Well, turns out it's nothing like the Collection concealer. It's a lot lighter both in application as well as in coverage, which meant that unless you don't mind applying 45 layers, you're best off avoiding it for blemishes. As for under my eyes I felt that I could get away with using it on good days, but after a heavy night it didn't do that much to hide my dark circles.

MUA Cover & Conceal wand in Natural swatched (left) and blended in (right)
On the plus side it blends really well and I didn't find any creasing at all throughout the day. I think this would be a great product for anyone who doesn't need an awful lot of coverage from a concealer, because it does feel really light and lovely on the skin. But if you need a bit more hardcore concealing action like me, you're best off saving this for your off days, or maybe avoiding it altogether.

So, even though I was once again not particularly blown away by this concealer, I'm pretty sure I'll somehow find myself drawn to a MUA stand once more unable to resist a cheeky little purchase for a pound or two.

You can find the Cover & Conceal wand on the MUA website here. It's available in three shades, Fair, Natural and Almond. Unfortunately there aren't any shades to match darker skin tones, but I found that with my rather pale skin, Natural worked really well.

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