Thursday, 3 April 2014

Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 005 Nude

A nude eye pencil had been on my wish list pretty much ever since I got into blogging. I love the way a white pencil can make you look instantly wide awake, but a natural look it's most certainly not and sometimes it's just a little bit too much. I've been searching everywhere, ended up buying a wrong colour from Illamasqua (post here) and being turned away from MAC who were meant to be the kings of colour choice empty handed. And then some time ago, without me even noticing, Rimmel sneakily released this without me even noticing, widely and easily available in every drugstore and even most supermarkets.

And what a beauty of a pencil it is! Texture-wise, it's one of the creamiest, softest and most pigmented eye pencils I have ever come across. It glides onto skin like butter - no tugging, no having to warm up the tip with a hair dryer. It does look a bit wonky when I sharpen it occasionally, but I've never had any problems with the tip splitting off or crumbling due to its softness.

For a product this creamy its longevity is also impressive. While I haven't counted the hours in particular, it tends to stay put most of the day with only minor transfer onto the lashes - something I can happily live with considering all its other merits.

As it's so pigmented the look it creates isn't quite as subtle as I'd hoped and you certainly have to be careful what eye shadow you pair it with. I'd recommend to steer clear of anything grey or green based as it tends to just make your eyes look bruised. It works best either without any shadow or with light, slightly shimmery shades to give a healthy, no-I-certainly-haven't-been-partying-all-night look.

At £3.99, the quality of these is simply outstanding and I'm already eyeing up the taupe, purple and bronze colours to add to my repertoire.

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