Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review: Nair Brazilian Spa Clay

Let's talk hair removal, ladies. While it might not be the most glamorous subject, it's still a firm part of most of our beauty routines, so we may as well get it all out in the open!
When it comes to getting rid of pesky body hairs I usually reach straight for the razor. Epilators seem like a bit of a faff and when I tried waxing at home the result was usually sticky and patchy. I had a few run ins with hair removal creams when I was younger, but I found them to be too much of a faff and the smell to be unbearable.

Creams do have the advantage, however, of keeping your legs stubble free for up to a week, while I can only get away with not shaving for two days, maybe three or four at a push. Formulas have changed since I first used a tube of Veet in my parents' bathroom aged 13, so I decided it was time to give them another chance.

What I liked about this Nair cream in particular is that you can leave it to sink in in the shower, so no standing around naked with legs covered in cream for ages! The texture is nice and thick - you can definitely see where they were going with the clay - but it doesn't clog the drain or leave a mess in the shower. The smell is rather inoffensive, as well. Yes, there's a hint of chemistry lab about it, but it's nowhere near as bad as what I remember. The added spatula helps to coat the skin evenly so that you don't miss a spot, though I did find it a bit scratchy when it came to removing the cream at the end.

So far, so good. When it came to results, however, my enthusiasm waned. Even after leaving it on for the maximum time allowed, it still didn't manage to remove all hairs. The result was exceptionally patchy and I can't really figure out why - I'm not even that hairy (sorry for the mental image there). In the end, while it did leave me stubble free for about a week and a half, the uneven result meant that I had to go over some bits with a razor anyway. Effectively, the whole thing felt like a big fat waste of time.
On the upside, it didn't irritate my skin one bit and actually left it feeling rather soft, which is impressive for a hair removal cream. The tube also lasted for about three applications all over - I'm talking ankles to mid-thighs, so it's not the worst value for money. But I think I'll still stick to razors for now - or maybe next time I want smooth legs for more than a few days I'll just get over myself and let a professional wax the whole lot off.

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay retails at £6.99 for 200ml.

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