Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review: Real Techniques Powder Brush

As soon as Sam Chapman's Real Techniques brushes launched, they very quickly established themselves as a must have amongst bloggers, beauty editors and beauty enthusiasts alike. Even now, months and months on, the hype has barely died down. So, when it came to slowly rebuilding my make-up brush collection (due to a naughty puppy deciding that make-up brushes would make the perfect chew toy), it only seemed a natural choice to go for a Real Techniques brush.

The brushes are all colour coded, so you know which brush to use for your base, for the finish or for your eyes. Just to make things even easier, they have a description printed on the side of the handle, just so you always know which brush to reach for, even long after you've chucked the outer packaging. They are all made from synthetic taklon fibres, which means they are all cruelty free - always a bonus!

To be completely honest I find the wide base of the powder brush a tad bulky and difficult to store. I much prefer to stick my brushes into a pretty brush holder and you wouldn't fit more than two or three of these into even a larger sized cup. On the plus side, the rubberised handle does make it very easy to get a good grip on the brush and it sits very comfortably in my hand.

I have to say that overall this brush is an absolute pleasure to use. The bristles are incredibly soft, but still manage to hold their shape very well and seem to pick up the perfect amount of powder to set my make-up without making it look cakey. Even after a few months and regular weekly washes there's been no splaying, no shedding and none of that weird hard feeling that some brushes can get.

I'm already eyeing up the Core Collection next!

The Real Techniques powder brush retails at £12.99. You'll be hard pressed to find better value for money than that when it comes to make-up brushes!

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