Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sunday Catch-Up #12

One of the things I love about London: Sushi delivery services! // Quiet Saturday night with Grazia and a bar of Dairy Milk // New jewellery from Camden Market // Drinking pina coladas out of pineapples - on a Thursday morning // Tried out my new Headline Colors polish // My blog hit 100k visits! // Beauteco box arrived and got me very excited // Found a toy horse, took him home // Japanese Zen garden at Kew Botanical gardens

Shhhh, so I may be doing a Sunday catch-up on a Monday - I'm a rebel like that.
Has it been 2 months since I last did a catch-up post anyway?? I've moved and settled into the new flat share and am thoroughly enjoying the freedom of not living with either mine or my boyfriend's relatives.
We went to Kew for their summer IncrEdibles display, which was alright as we'd not yet seen the rest of the gardens, but I'm not sure I'd go there just for the exhibition alone.
I then spent Thursday in Camden browsing the stalls and eating lots of delicious market food (-and, erm, getting slightly drunk on pina coladas). I then proceeded not knowing what to do with myself on Saturday night, so opted for a magazine and chocolate combo - never a bad idea!

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