Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June Wish List

June Wish List
White Diamond Print Jacket, Romwe, £40.28 // Ivory Tassel Bracelet, Urban Outfitters, £8 // Fluro Lace Plastic Mac, Topshop, £45 // Cutout Geo Necklace, Forever21, £3.15 // Jordan Wolf Crewneck, Drop Dead Clothing, £50 // Eagle Necklace, Asos, £15 // Photo Dove Tee, Topshop, £16

Admittedly, this month's wish list is a tad top heavy, but I've come to realise that I'm simply not a summery flutter dress kind of gal - and the recent weather has had me craving something warm and snuggly to throw over.
The star of this month's list has got to be that Topshop coat. Neon, lace and pvc all in one? It shouldn't work, but it so does and I would undoubtedly get a lot of use out of it in these grey and rainy conditions.
When I first heard that Olli Sykes, lead singer of Bring Me The Horizon, had his own clothing brand I was a tad skeptical - but after having a bit of a rummage through Drop Dead Clothing's site I found myself liking most of the items on there, particularly the wolf jumper.
I'm also a major fan of the diamond baseball jacket by Romwe - this type of diamond is exactly the style I want as part of my tattoo sleeve!

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