Sunday, 9 June 2013

Primark Haul!

Thanks to our recent move into a new flat and the costs of moving/decorating/van hiring, plus deposits and bills mean that I've had to seriously tighten the belt when it comes to beauty and fashion spending. But when my friend/new flatmate just kept coming back with new Primark goodies every time she left the house, I simply couldn't resist popping in myself.
Primark's printed t-shirts and brightly coloured jeggings have pretty much turned into my work uniform and I just cannot believe how good their things have become in the recent months. So, naturally, I didn't quite leave empty-handed.

First up were these amazing sunglasses for a bargain £3. Granted, you'd get some funny looks walking down the street in these, but for festivals or for going out these will be amazing. Absolutely adorable!

I love phone clutches, they are just such a practical invention for when you want to go out without taking a big bag. They also allow you to hit the dance floor without having to have a designated bag watcher person or making that awkward pile of bags and jackets on the floor while sorta dancing around it in clubs. This was £6.

I still remember those times during my early teens when my mum kept buying me "happy socks" with colourful patterns and prints and I thought it was the most embarrassing thing in the world. All I wanted was some plain black socks... how things have changed. I went a little wild for the neons here and at £2 for three pairs or £1.50 for three pairs of the ankle socks I just got all the brightest ones.

Onto more formerly embarrassing things: Onesies! I am a firm believer that everyone should own at least one onesie (I now have three) and wear it out in public at least once in their lives. Me and aforementioned friend/new flatmate simply couldn't resist buying matching strawberry ones, so that we can hang out in our lounge and be strawberries together. As you do. This was £12.

Onto some home-y items. I'd describe my style as loud and bright with a dash of rock'n'roll, but when it comes to home decoration I'm a massive fan of countryside interiors and anything vintage. I just couldn't say no to this comfy floral print and polka-dot owl cushion which again was a snap at £4. I've not yet decided on a name for my pet cushion though, any suggestions?

Carrying on with the owl theme here is this bath mat, as pictured on our incredibly glamorous bathroom floor. You know that horrible moment when you're all warm and cozy in a steamed up shower and then you have to get back out again into the cold real world? I just made that moment just a little bit more bearable with this cute little mat, which cost £6.

Last but not least I couldn't resist a little bit of jewellery. The above picture actually shows two sets of bracelets, but I got so excited about them I put them all on straight away and then I couldn't remember which came in which set. Awesome for summer, they're hippie, grunge and rave all in one go. Unfortunately the poor manufacturing showed in these straight away, as most of them broke just a few days after I bought them.

Have you been to Primark lately?

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