Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Week in Pictures

Forever argued that I don't like gin and tonics, turns out I was wrong! // Nothing better than a slice of pie after a hard day's work // Current read - a must for anyone who's as obsessed with to-do lists as I am // New look Zest: MEH on the outside, brilliant on the inside // Monday's movie marathon // Second time I ever cut anyone's hair and no bald patch this time! // Cheeky little shop on a budget

Whoops, a little late this week - I was too tired to upload my pictures yesterday and today I couldn't get it to work. Fiddling around with Instagram made me look through all my old pictures, however, which brought back quite a few lovely memories. All the more reason to make an effort to take snaps more regularly!
If you've got any "Week in pictures" style posts then please leave me a link, as I have an ongoing obsession with them (creepy? No......)

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