Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lush Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic

Sorry, sorry, sorry! I know I am ridiculously late to this party as even somebody who is as obsessed with anything Christmassy has to admit that the festive season is very much over and far from beginning again.
In fact, I wasn't going to write about this bath ballistic which I bought just before Christmas and almost forgot all about, but it turned out to be so lovely I just had to share it!

The two other Christmas bath goodies I reviewed from Lush turned out to be just a little so-and-so, but this one truly blew me away. A golden present with a shimmery overspray which cracks open and houses little colourful, bobbly mini bath fizzers.

I am unashamedly childish about things with hidden surprises (I still buy Kinder Eggs from time to time as a treat at the check out line), so this got me ridiculously excited.

Of course, if you were a reasonable person you'd break this down into chunks and you could probably get up to four baths out of it to make your money go just that little bit further. But as I am not reasonable and I was also already covered in blue dust after cracking it open to photograph the insides I just chucked in the whole lot.

The result was an explosion of colours in my tub and more excited giggles from me. The main body of the ballistic turned the water a bright turquoise while the little bobbles (technical term here) floated to the top and made little colourful puddles on the surface of the water.

The smell is absolutely gorgeous. A fresh, ocean-type scent with a hint of citrus. So relaxing yet completely invigorating at the same time. Ahhhh, bliss....
My only bugbear was that the golden overspray on the surface stuck to the tub when I pulled the plug and took forever to get off - not quite so relaxing. And of course, I'm pretty peeved that this isn't available all year round. Trust me to leave the best item till last and not crack it open till a month after Christmas.

Oh well, as soon as this year's Christmas items come out I'll be racing you to the Lush stores and stocking up on Golden Wonders as well as extra-strong bathroom cleaner.

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