Monday, 25 February 2013

Sunday Catch-Up #10

Camera stall in Camden // Tattoo's booked in, can't wait! // Finally got myself an Oyster card // Late night munchies // New look Elle // Comfort food // Valentine's chocolates (sadly not from the boyfriend) // Parcels // Hate being ill // Neon yellow nails

I forgot to publish a catch-up type post last week, so I'm making up for it with two weeks' worth of Instagram pictures in one. Blog posts have been relatively sparse lately, as I've been working loads and as soon as I got home and got warm and comfy I pretty much drifted off to sleep straight away. I've also left my camera charger at my parents' house, so now I've got to wait until I can use my camera again - how annoying??

In other news, last week I was ill for the majority of the time, for the second time this year despite all my efforts to avoid the cold everyone around me was catching. I also managed to mess up my hair and had to have an emergency appointment to get it fixed at the hairdressers. On this note can I just thoroughly recommend Stylelounge for anyone who lives in south-west London? Nick sorted my hair beautifully without any of the snidy comments and pitying glances you'd get at a lot of other salons. I'll post some pictures as soon as my camera is juiced up again.

Valentine's Day was pretty dull as I expected. The boyfriend was at work all day and as we'd both agreed that it's a pretty pointless occasion it was pretty much like every other day in our lives. I did enjoy my Lindt chocolates that came in the post in the morning, though.

This week I managed to finally book in for my next tattoo, which I've been going on about to everyone around me for ages. Expect a big fat blog post with plenty of pictures once it's done on Wednesday!

What have you been up to this week?

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