Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kryolan Satin Powder Review

I don't even remember how long I've wanted to write this review for! Life has a tendency to throw lots of unexpected things at you just when you're beginning to figure out which direction it might take you. On top of that I've had no internet at home and on my phone for the past week, which was an incredibly painful experience! Anyway, enough of the whinging and on to the review!

I got this little pot of eye shadow in one of my German Glossyboxes and it was one of the products I got really excited about. I'd never normally buy a loose eye shadow due to my tendency to - errr, make mess appear.... - so I'm incredibly glad that I received this in my box. After all, that's what beauty boxes are all about: Pushing you out of your comfort zone and making you discover new products you love but would've never picked up for yourself.
I was also really intrigued by the brand, as I'd only heard of them, but never seen a stand or tried them myself. As Kryolan is a professional make-up brand used in theatre and television my hopes were very high to begin with.

The packaging I'm quite content with - it's not ultraglamorous or particularly pretty, but you wouldn't expect that from a backstage make-up brand anyway. It's light, however, and very functional. As long as you make sure that the lid is on properly before packing it away it won't spill or transfer anyway. The little hole in the lid is also the right size to get out the perfect amount of product for each eye. Even my clumsy self has managed to avoid powdery disasters with this.

Kryolan Satin Powder SP555 swatch in daylight
Kryolan Satin Powder SP555 swatch with flash
The shade I received is called SP555 - not a particularly creative or exciting name, which only confirms that this brand is all about product performance.
The colour itself is actually quite tricky to describe. I think I'd settle for rose-gold with peachy undertones. Again, something I would have never picked up for myself, as the rosy undertones are very much noticeable and I would have been afraid of it making my eyes look red and swollen. To my surprise, this wasn't the case at all. The golden shimmer really made my blue eyes pop, but I feel that due to the peachy as well as pink undertones it would be equally (if not even more) flattering on green and brown eyes.

I used a Sigma E70 brush to apply this and found it worked absolutely perfectly. As with any loose product there was a bit of fallout, but I was surprised at how little of it dropped down. The pigmentation is absolutely stunning and unfortunately the above pictures don't quite convey how beautifully shimmery this eye shadow is - not in a terrible teenage-glitter-overload way, just really fascinating to look at.

It didn't disappoint when it comes to lasting power, either. Without a primer it stayed on my eye lids for about eight hours, though the shimmer began to disappear after about four hours and judging from my stinging and burning eyes it must have disintegrated into my eye balls. So I'd definitely recommend wearing it with a primer: Even after 14 hours, when I had to take my make-up off because I was going to bed, it was still going strong without any shimmer in my eye disasters.

It's a bit of a shame that Kryolan is so hard to get hold of in the UK, seeing as I'm back here now and completely fell in love with this product. When I was working in Cologne there was actually a whole Kryolan shop I passed once and now I really regret not going in! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Satin Powders and if I get a chance I'm pretty sure I'll pick up some more. Just make sure to wear with a primer to avoid burning eyes.

You can however get it from a website called Dauphines for £5.80.

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