Saturday, 25 August 2012

Astor Big & Beautiful Play It Big Mascara Review

This is one of the last products I picked up while still in Germany. Astor is a fairly big company over there, with ad campaigns starring Germany's favourite export Heidi Klum, but I never really heard anybody talk about it. So when I needed a new mascara, I thought what better occasion to give it a whirl myself!

The Big & Beautiful Play It Big Mascara is an extension mascara, which aims to give you fuller and (most importantly) longer looking lashes. I'm all for length and separation when it comes to my mascaras, so I thought this one would be perfect for me. What I didn't know, however, was that they meant "lash extension" in a quite literal way - the product is full of little hairs which are supposed to stick to your own lashes!
Not knowing that I got quite a shock when I looked at the mascara brush covered in hairs and thought all my lashes had come out!

Apart from the bewildering hairs on the mascara brush (which you can't quite see in the picutre, as it was taken when the mascara was brand new), the wand is actually fairly easy to handle despite its club like shape. It grips my top lashes extremely well, but can become a little hard to handle on bottom lashes where it requires an extremely stable hand.

Astor Big & Beautiful Play It Big Mascara Before

Astor Big & Beautiful Play It Big Mascara After
Does it work? Well, you can judge for yourselves with the before and after pictures. I did find that the little hair fibres left slightly odd looking little clumps on my lashes, which you can see a little bit on the right side of the after picture. I found my lashes to be more defined, but not necessarily any more elongated than from other mascaras.

Having said that, it lasted well throughout the day with minor flaking after a couple of hours. I was a little bit worried that the little lash extensions would come off during the day and irritate my eyes, but had no such trouble whatsoever, even whilst wearing contact lenses.

Overall it performed fairly well for a mid-range mascara, though it didn't blow me away and the extension concept didn't quite convince me, either.
It retails at 7,49€ and is available in drugstores and supermarkets in Germany.

Have you ever tried a fiber extension mascara?

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