Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Post-review disappointments

... or in other words: Things that turned out to be kind of rubbish right after I'd already reviewed them. Normally I try to wait until I'm about halfway through a product until I review it to get a really good feel for its performance. However, there are two beauty products that have turned out.. erm, to be of inferior quality, once I was about three quarters through them and I feel that I should let you know about them in a separate post. I'm all for owning up to your mistakes and putting them right, y'know.

First up: ELF HD Powder

You can find the review here. This was the first powder I ever reviewed, as before that powder was just... powder - nothing exciting to write about. But this was just such an amazing product that I had to share it with everyone. And it really was amazing until I got about three quarters through it.
It could be that I just had an odd one, but the problem with this powder was that it wasn't milled to the same strength throughout. That meant that on top laid the fine dust that I loved, but once I got through most of it, the bottom contained big chunky lumps of powder. And yes: Crystallised bits of white powder on your face is never a good look, unless you're trying to look like a druggie.
So the top 75% of this HD powder turned out to be fantastic, but unfortunately the bottom 25% failed miserably. Something to keep in mind if you're looking to buy one of these from a blog sale!

Second One: Got2B Rockin It Dry Shampoo

Here's the link to the review, but if you haven't read it then this is a short summary: A fairly decent product with very ugly packaging at a reasonable price. But again, this only applies to the first three quarters. Not too long after writing up my review I suddenly had wet stuff coming out of the can - no idea what it was, but surely there shouldn't be anything wet in dry shampoo.
What it did was the exact opposite of what dry shampoo is supposed to do: Rather than give me a nice fresh feeling and mop up excess oil it just made it look even greasier! On top of that it had the same problem as the HD powder: Chunky bits of powder. So imagine the finished look: Greasy hair with white dandruffy bits of powder all over it in an instant! Yum!

It's a shame this happened, as both were actually really good products that were let down by their inconsistency. Basically you only get three quarters of what you pay for as the rest is just not usable at all. I just hope this isn't going to happen with anything else I use!

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