Thursday, 24 October 2013

Review: L'Oreal Superliner Blackbuster

I used to be a kohl / pencil eye liner girl through and through. I used to choose heavily lined inner rims smudged out to the lid any day over a neat line on the top of my lid. But then something happened and I slowly turned. Now no make-up look is complete without a neatly lined lash line - my eyes just don't look like my eyes anymore without. My preferred type of eye liner is still gel liner, as liquid liner can just be so fiddly and hard to get straight.
That's why I got so excited when I saw this. I can draw with felt tip pens, so surely I can manage to draw a line on my lid with a big fat pen?

The packaging of this pen is something that instantly drew me towards it. I just love the gold lettering on the matte black packaging; it's both sleek and chic. Now, as much as I was hoping that the fat nib of this pen would make it easier to get a nice straight line, it turns out it just doesn't. Unfortunately, it's just way too bulky and keeps getting stuck on my eye lashes, making it very tricky to get an even line.

Pigmentation is another area where I felt very let down by this product. With a name like "Blackbuster" I was expecting the deepest, inkiest black imaginable. In reality it was more of a watery grey that even several layers couldn't get to my desired level of blackness.
On the plus side once it was on the lid there was no budging throughout the day. The liner didn't transfer onto my lid one bit, but was still relatively easy to remove in the evening.

A quick word of thanks to Superdrug for plastering their horrible stickers everywhere and turning half of my make-up stash into a sticky mess.
Overall I had quite high expectations for this product, which unfortunately haven't been met at all. While the lasting power was good, the difficult application and poor pigmentation unfortunately meant that this has been banished to the back of my make-up drawer.

I've seen quite a lot of people rave about L'Oreal's original Superliner, so maybe I'll give that one a go next?

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