Friday, 23 August 2013

Review: MUA Fur-Effect Nails in Fluffy Puff

Boy, did I get excited when I saw these little pots of nail fluff in Superdrug. With names such as "Fluff & Cuddles", "Boo Boo Fluff" and "Fluffy Puff"I instantly turned into a giggly 6-year old bursting with fluffy excitement. Then I got home, put it in a drawer and forgot all about it for months (-seems like it gave me the attention span of a 6-year old as well).

Eventually I found myself remembering about this little pot of fluff on a rainy evening and set to fluff up my finger tips. The idea behind these is that you tap out the fluff through the in-built sieve, coat a nail in polish, then dip it in the fluff. You let it dry a little bit and then brush off any excess.

I decided to just lift out the sifter completely and dip my nails directly into the fluff, then tap off any excess. I used a Leighton Denny polish in "Babydoll" as a base, as that was the colour closest to the baby pink of the nail fluff.

Now, it's fair to say the result wasn't quite what I expected. After the initial excitement of "THEY SO FLUFFEH!!" I was left with a patchy mess that went sort of grey-ish every time I got near water, thought it didn't got quite as rank as I'd feared. I also found myself constantly stroking my finger nails, which probably added to the subsequent chipping.
To be fair it was probably just my messy application - I'm not exactly a nail art genius - and with a bit of practice I could probably get these to look a lot better, but somehow I'm not that bothered about trying this nail effect again.

If, however, you want to give it a go yourself, the fur-effect nails retail at a bargain £3 per pot.

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