Thursday, 3 January 2013

January Wish List

I feel a little bit guilty posting a wish list so shortly after Christmas when I was spoilt to lots of lovely things, but there's nothing wrong with a little (online) window shopping and a girl can dream after all, eh? Having said that, I am getting a tad bored with what's on offer on the high street at the moment. If I see another piece of moustache jewellery I think I'm seriously going to puke. Bring on some new spring items!

January Wish List

Planet Motif Sweater, Topshop, £35 // Jaquard Knicker Short, Miss Selfridge, £39 // Red Multicoloured Cross Bracelet, River Island, £4 // Red Embellished Feather Head Dress Print Tank, River Island, £18 // Chic Skinny Leather Belt, Topshop, £17 // Leopard Print Slipper, Zara, £37

I'm trying to be a little bit more brave with prints and the galaxy print sweater is an easy way to get into that with its nostalgic feel. I swear I had one almost exactly like this when I was about six. 
In the spirit of wearing more print I really like the baroque print short shorts from Miss Selfridge, too. My legs are the one part of my body I don't mind so much, so I'm sure these would get plenty of wear over a pretty pair of tights.
I'm usually not a major fan of crosses, but this bracelet is so wonderfully colourful it somehow appeals to my inner hippie. Maybe it's just a sign that it really needs to start being summer again!
The tank top reminds me of an amazing canvas print of a feather head dress I've seen a while ago (but couldn't afford) and ever since I've had a slight obsession with it. If I can't hang it on my wall, I can at least hang it from my shoulders.
I don't wear a lot of belts and quite frankly I'm not sure what I would wear this one with, but I really like the soft pastel blue colour.
Now, some might argue that I have enough shoes already (there might be a grain of truth in there), but I've actually managed to ruin two pairs of flats in the space of the last two or three months, so surely it wouldn't hurt to get some new ones? Especially if they look as comfy as these!

What are you lusting after this month?

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