Friday, 20 January 2012

Elizabeth Arden Lip Swatches

As mentioned in a haul post last month (click here to see it) I treated myself to a big Elizabeth Arden make-up kit while on holiday in America. I didn't even know that Elizabeth Arden did proper make-up - while being a big fan of the 8 hour cream skin protectant I wasn't really aware of much else apart from the hugely expensive Prevage skincare range and a couple of tinted lip balms. For that reason I thought it would be great to try out a few of their make-up items, which at $40 were a complete bargain!

I've worn most of those now and thought I'd bring you a run-down on the lip products I got to try.

The set contained three Exceptional Lipsticks and two High Shine Lip Glosses. From left to right, the colours are: Soft Red, Red Door Red, Smooth Mauve, Golden Pearl and Sparkling Ruby.

From top to bottom: Sparkling Ruby, Golden Pearl, Smooth Mauve, Red Door Red, Soft Red
I have to say I'm not overly impressed with the lipsticks. The packaging looks elegant, but the lids keep popping open all the time, which is anything but practical and I've also noticed a white coating on the Red Door Red shade, which is a bit off-putting. They apply very sheer, more like a tinted lipbalm and though you can build up the colour on your lips the results tend to be a bit patchy.
On the plus side they are very soft and smooth to apply, don't dry out my lips and do not feather or bleed.

Exceptional Lipstick in Red Door Red
I had high hopes for this colour seeing as the famous red door has been a symbol for Elizabeth Arden products for so long. It is a true red in bullet form, but applied on lips shows pink and blue undertones. It also has the tiniest amount of shimmer in it and dries to a velvety finish.

Exceptional Lipstick in Smooth Mauve
This shade I was very scared of, as it is a dusky purple in the tube. It applies quite patchy and has a large amount of golden shimmer in it, though it is by no means gritty. This colour looks hideous on my pale skin, though I imagine that someone with a darker skin tone would probably be able to carry it off much better.

Exceptional Lipstick in Soft Red
This colour is my favourite out of the three. In bullet form it doesn't look red at all, more of a dusky pink, though applied on lips it takes on a very flattering shade. This one can get quite patchy as well if you're not careful.

What the lipsticks lack in pigmentation the glosses more than make up for.

High Shine Lipgloss in Golden Pearl
This one is not quite as pigmented, but I find that it's just perfect for a nude gloss. It tones down the natural colour of my lips and gives them a lovely hint of shine and sparkle without making them look like "concealer lips". The formula is non-sticky and comfortable and lasts an average amount of time for a gloss.

High Shine Lip Gloss in Sparkling Ruby
Now this one simply blew me away. It is the most pigmented product out of the whole set and a gorgeous deep cherry red with golden shimmer (notice a pattern emerging here?) and pink undertones. You do have to be careful with this one though, as it's easy to smudge and get everywhere.

The Elizabeth Arden "Where Beauty Begins Colour Collection" is still available from FeelUnique for £39.95 (take a look at it here), though I wouldn't necessarily recommend getting the whole set. The lip glosses are available separately and they are the highest quality products in the kit apart from the case which is fantastic.
As for the lipsticks they are probably better suited to those who prefer a sheer wash of colour to a highly pigmented product and that's just a matter of personal taste. I do however feel that the packaging devalues the product and that you could find a better lipstick for less money.

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