Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Big Collective Haul: Florida holiday and a trip to Boots

I finally managed to get all the pictures to publish this massive haul post I've been threatening you with all this time. Most of the items are things I picked up on holiday, which was an unashamedly touristy Disney and shopping holiday. We basically turned into kids again and allowed ourselves to do everything our parents would have stopped us from 10 or 15 years ago.

I'm going to start with the beauty products I snapped up, as I personally always find them more interesting!

First off was a little trip to MAC where I finally managed to get my hands on the limited edition paint pot in "Let's Skate", which seemed to be sold out everywhere. I've already used this a few times with a mink eye shadow in the outer corner and it looks gorgeous!

Next up is this new nail polish from the Gareth Pugh collection for MAC. I love how unique the packaging is (what else would you expect from Gareth Pugh?), but unfortunately it also means you can't really see how gorgeous the shade inside is. It's a shimmery, iridescent mix of royal blue, purple and green. I'll definitely be featuring this in a NOTD post soon, so you can get a proper look at it!

I also picked up another MAC Viva Glam lipstick, this one's in IV, which is a beautiful glittery dark pink with a reddish undertone. Quite frankly, I want the whole Viva Glam collection, because every single one of those lipsticks is absolutely gorgeous!
I don't remember the prices on any of these, but they were cheaper in Dollars than they are over here in Pounds, which meant some huge savings for me.

Next up was an offer from Elizabeth Arden I couldn't refuse! All of the following items came in a set with the make-up bag pictured above and cost a mere $40. I've tried a few and they're a bit hit and miss, but I just go away when I could have ALL THAT MAKE-UP for round about £25! The bag alone is a very welcome addition to my collection, as I'm seriously running out of storage space for my make-up products.

Inside were this sparkly red nail polish, a mini mascara and a luxury sample of the Red Door EDT...

... three lipsticks in (left to right) Red Door Red, Smooth Mauve and Soft Red...

... two lip glosses in Sparkling Ruby and Golden Pearl ...

... two eye pencils in Midnight and Espresso, two lip pencils in Crimson and Taupe ...

... an eye and face palette including 10 eye shadows, a blusher (which I really, really love), a highlighter and a bronzer ...

... and a little pouch including two eye shadow and a face brush (phew!). These brushes are alright, but not great - however, their small size and the nice little pouch they come in meant that they went straight to my handbag where they're incredibly handy on the go.

While we were there I also snapped up a tube of Eight Hour Cream, even though I didn't really need any. Just before we left I bought some for £13 off Buyapowa thinking I'd got the bargain of my life - and then I spotted it for $12. That's less than £8 which is beyond amazing considering the RRP is £25!

The next thing actually took some persuasion from my boyfriend.

He thought this monster of a palette by Sephora would be perfect for me, but I instantly thought of those gigantic make-up sets which you buy for early teens which always turn out to be really rubbish. I then swatched some of the eye shadows and instantly changed my mind. They were buttery soft and insanely pigmented, so I'll get some incredible use out of this palette!

Here's the inside: A mixture of 96 matte and shimmery eye shadows which means I'll probably never have to buy another eye shadow again (I have yet to decide whether that's a good or a bad thing).

You can then flip it open some more and reveal 84 lip glosses. While that's a great idea, it's not so useful for on the go, as I can't exactly take this box with me for touch ups. It's still great for experimenting and mixing shades.

At the bottom there's an additional drawer with three blushers, one bronzer, six gel eyeliners, a mini mascara and two mini eye pencils in brown and black. It also came with some brushes and applicators which were completely useless as with the majority of brushes that come with sets. I'm most excited about the eye liner gels, as there are some unusual shades in there that I'm just dying to try.
The whole box cost $50, which again is very reasonable considering the amount, variety and most importantly quality of products that you get.

Clothes shopping was mainly holiday oriented with just one exception:

These are my new favourite flat boots ever. Alright, maybe they're my only flat boots, but that's only because I can never find any boots I like unless they have some kind of high heel. These are made of soft grey suede and are so comfortable it's ridiculous. Again, at $30 an absolute bargain which I'll be happily wearing to death!

This Fox hoodie was bought for when it got chilly in the evenings as soon as the sun set. Unfortunately it looks a bit flabby in the picture, but seeing as I'm not going to invest in a mannequin any time soon you just have to believe me that it looks a lot nicer on. I also love the faux-fur in the hood which kept me nice and snuggly on the odd occasion that the weather wasn't so great and will hopefully continue to do so now that I'm back in colder climates.

Next up are just some basic, easy-to-wear t-shirts. They're nice and comfy and make a nice casual outfit with some flats and skinny jeans. As you may be able to tell we spent a lot of time in skate and surf shops, as it's the only style of clothing we can both agree on (my boyfriend and I have quite different tastes when it comes to clothes).

Next up: Holiday shorts! I'm not entirely sure when I'm going to wear luminous green and blue hot pants again, but for our holiday they were perfect and they looked nice on bronzed skin.

Apart from that I bought some bits and pieces from Victoria's Secret where you could pick up a pair of pants for $3, which again was amazing considering the pretty designs you could choose from. I've decided however, not to show you a picture of my pant collection, as that's just a bit too personal!
I got two souvenir t-shirts, one of a minion from Despicable Me and of course one from Harry Potter world to wear around the house.
Lastly we also got me an NFL jersey (New Orleans Saints, Drew Brees in case you were interested), as they were on 2 for 1 in Reebok and it made my boyfriend very, very happy. We actually went to see an NFL game live and I enjoyed it quite a bit, so am a bit more lenient now when he stays up till 3am on a Sunday because a game is on.

Yesterday I also popped into Boots, so I thought I'd include all my purchases in this post as well, so as not to swamp you with too many haul posts.

First of all there's a bottle of Batiste, as I can't imagine living without it any more. My favourite is actually the tropical one due to its scent, but I thought the leopard-print bottle would look pretty on my dressing table.
I also needed a night cream, so I bought one by Good Things, as I'd never tried anything from this brand before, but read a few good reviews on them.
Finally, I HAD to try some V05 hair oil considering how everyone raves about it and I could really do with a boost for my hair now that my beloved Ojon shampoo and conditioner has run out.

I got an eye primer from Soap and Glory as I'm going to need a new one soon. I was sure that I picked up the bright one, but at home it turned out that I'd accidentally bought the dark one for smoky eyes, which I'm a bit gutted about, as I won't get as much use out of that.
Now, I'm usually not a huge fan of glitter, but I've had some cravings lately and these have been fully indulged with these Barry M purchases. I bought three glitter eye liners, as they were 3 for £10 and then you got a silver glitter nail polish for free if you spent £7 or more! As always, reviews and swatches will be up some time soon!

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