Wednesday, 14 December 2011

NOTD #03 Hyper by Gareth Pugh for MAC

This nail polish was featured in my haul post which I published yesterday, but seeing as you couldn't see much of what was in the bottle I thought I'd do a NOTD on it, considering I was also dying to try this out.

Words cannot describe how much I love this nail varnish. Basically, if I was a colour this would be me. It's a stunning royal blue with aqua and purple shimmer. It's also one of those colours that are hard to capture on camera, as it's a lot more shimmery and metallic-looking than you can see on the pictures.
The gorgeous purple sparkle which can be seen in the bottle gets a little bit lost on the nails, unless you're in really dim light or only apply a very thin coat.
It was fairly easy to apply and you can get wonderful results from either one thick or two thin coats. Drying time was also very short - about 30 minutes and it was at that rubbery stage where you can use your hands again but have to be careful. After an hour I was finished as it was rock hard.
I've decided that this is my new favourite nail shade ever. At £19 it's not cheap but you do get a huge bottle which I know I'll never be able to finish.

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