Monday, 19 December 2011

A word on The Body Shop Body Scrubs

I am a hugely massive fan of The Body Shop's cult Body Butters - so much so that I even consider any other body butters or even body lotions a waste of money. I have found however, that their other products are very, very hit and miss, which is a bit of a shame. Funnily enough, both the best and the worst body scrub I have ever tried are made by this company.

My absolute favourite is this one here, the Sweet Lemon Body Scrub. It smells divine, just like lemon drops and it's the second time I have bought a tub of this goodness.

As you can see, this one's quite gritty which makes for a very thorough scrub, but it's in no way uncomfortable or painful. To me, this scrub offers just about the right amount of roughness to really polish my skin.

Beware, however, as it is one of those scrubs that leaves an oily residue on your skin. I personally like that, as it means my skin is even more nourished after using this and in summer I can just skip applying body butter after using this, whereas in winter it gives my skin a much needed boost in moisture. Yet if you're one of those people who don't like oils give this one a miss.

Body Scrubs just like Body Butters are available in different formulations and I wish I had one to recommend if you'd prefer a less gritty body scrub without the oiliness. I tried the grapefruit one which has more of a jelly-like consistency and whereas it should tick all boxes in theory it just didn't perform at all in practice.
The problem with the lighter scrubs is that they're too... well, jelly-like. Imagine what would happen if you tried to apply jelly on to your skin in the shower. Yep, that's exactly what happened with said body scrub. Before I managed to massage any of it in it just fell to the floor in a big blob. Gentle exfoliation is great, but you need some grittiness in your scrub or it's not a scrub. I ended up using copious amounts of product with pretty much no result at all. You're better off mixing some sea salt in with your shower gel.

Have you tried any of their body scrubs? How did you get on?

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