Monday, 2 January 2012

My essential 2012 beauty shopping list

It feels a little bit self-indulgent to post a shopping list for the whole year when so many people have put themselves on a spending ban, so I hope you can forgive me!
I have decided to write up this list when I noticed that there are still a lot of things that I need in my make-up stash, so before I run out and buy into the latest fad, I should think about this list once again. I am not talking about the latest cult blusher or limited edition products or new launches here - this is a list of things every woman who cares about make-up and beauty should have, but that I haven't purchased so far.

1) Angled Brow Brush

I have only recently started filling my brows in with eyeshadows or brow powders (it was all brow pencils before that), so this brush is essential. I did buy one of these from elf recently, but it turned out to be rubbish, so I'll probably invest in a MAC one instead.

2) Tapered Blending Brush

I do own a flat concealer brush and love it for applying loose eyeshadow or glitter. For actual concealer, however, it's not so great, especially under the eyes which is my main area of concern. Therefore, I need one of these.

3) Eyelash Curlers

I used to think that eyelash curlers were only necessary if your eye lashes pointed pretty much straight down. Let's just say that I've changed my mind. These are now one of my priority items to buy.

4) Tweezers

Okay, I had to sneak in one limited edition item, but these tweezers are just adorable and I need new ones anyway. I always, always preferred flat tweezers to slanted ones, but one day that suddenly just changed and I have no idea why, but I started struggling with my flat tweezers and just used some slanted mini-ones I got in a brow set. This year it's time to stop fiddling with mini tweezers and just get some proper, full-sized ones.

5) Nude Eye Pencil

I love the brightening effect of a white eye pencil applied on the inner rim of the lash line, but sometimes pure white can look a little bit harsh and unnatural. This will be a perfect addition for those days where I want to look like I've got no make-up on (when really I've spent half an hour getting that effect).

6) A good highlighter

I fell in love with YSL's Touche Eclat and got through 3 tubes, but then just didn't repurchase - and I haven't bought any highlighters since. Sure, when you're in a pinch a bright eyeshadow high up on the cheekbone, in the inner eye corner and on the cupid's bow will do, but it's about time I got a proper highlighter again. I'm tempted to try out this Becca one, or I'll just go back to Touche Eclat - I haven't decided yet.

7) Contouring cream or powder

I have to admit, I don't know an awful lot about contouring products. I used to contour my face with a light bronzer, but stopped soon as I found it could make me look a bit too haggard. There's sculpted cheekbones and there's skeleton. However, I've (unfortunately) gained some weight and it's showing in my face, so now's as good a time as any to get back into contouring.

8) A nude lipstick that suits me

No picture here, because this is the vaguest of all items and it's probably going to take a lot of searching and swatching to find it. I've been looking for a decent nude lipstick for years and then just gave up searching altogether. I discovered that nude lipsticks with a beige undertone make me look ill, but if they have a pink undertone they look extremely unnatural. Oh, the joys of having an odd skin tone...

It seems like all of these items that I've just mentioned are just so boring. It's so much more difficult to part with my money to buy any of these, even though they're items I actually need. There's no fun or rush of excitement when you buy some eyelash curlers as opposed to a brand spanking new eye shadow palette or a limited edition lipstick. But there's no mad impulse buying until I've ticked off every item on this list!

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