Tuesday, 16 April 2013

NSpa Coconut Bath Fizzer

A grocery shop in Asda is never complete without:

1) A magazine or two or three
2) A stop at the cake and dessert stand
3) A little something from NSpa

I love the packaging of this little bath bomb, it looks like an oversized, giant bonbon!
Unlike bath bombs from the likes of Lush, you'd be ill advised to split this one into several portions. Just dunk it into hot water, watch it fizz away for a few seconds and get in on the fun!

I have to admit I was a tad disappointed with my bathing experience, however. There's no exciting colours, swirls or random mermaids appearing in your bath, but that's not a problem as such.
The scent is faintly coconutty, but disappears after about two or three minutes leaving you with... well, just hot water. Or maybe it's just me getting used to the smell extraordinarily quickly.

At £1.60 a pop I'm more than happy to give the other scents a go, though. Maybe Vanilla or Turkish Delight will fare a little better?

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