Thursday, 21 March 2013

Guest Post: Essential tips for flawless make-up

Essential tips for flawless makeup

Most girls have their own little tips to keep their makeup looking flawless, whether it is a tip on how to apply it or a tip on how to keep it looking fresh. We all love to know if there are any secrets we haven’t tried yet and because of this I decided to put them all into one lovely post so we can all share in beautiful makeup. Together with House of Fraser and the lovely Chrissy from Beautiful Smudges, we have put together a list of some top tips for all the makeup lovers out there.

Makeup application has to be the part that most ladies would like tips on. Personally I don’t think there are necessarily any wrong ways to apply your makeup it is all about doing what works for you. There are however some things that you can do to make the application easier or last longer which is where we come in:

  • Do always remove your makeup and the end of the day to keep your skin looking fresh and avoid product build up on your skin. Store make-up wipes upside down this way all the liquid falls to the next wipe you're going to use and you never have to struggle with dried out wipes.

  • You can do a great DIY facial just using sugar and water. Let the sugar dissolve and then rub the water on to your face – exfoliating will give your makeup a better base to stick to so try and do it around once a week.

  • When you moisturise rub in an upwards motion to avoid tugging on the skin and any premature wrinkles forming.

  • Clean your makeup brushes regularly but make sure that you don’t wet anything but the bristles as this can damage your brushes and even make them moult.

  • Using your fingers to apply your makeup heats up the foundation and helps it to set better. Alternatively if you like to use sponges, wet the sponge first and this will give you a more even coverage.

  • When applying mascara, stand slightly diagonal to the mirror. This allows you to see all those little baby lashes that you normally wouldn't be able to see and pick up when looking at your eyes straight on.

  • Sometimes eye pencils or lipsticks can become a little waxy, resulting in poor pigmentation and a dragging feeling on the skin. Give them a quick blast with a hairdryer or carry them in your trouser or jeans pockets for a while to warm them up and they will glide much easier.

  • For anyone with small eyes use white eyeliner along your lower lash line this will make them seem much bigger.

  • For anyone who has fine lines underneath their eyes avoid using powder in these areas. The powder will sit in the creases and make them much more obvious.

  • Before applying lipstick rub your lips gently with a damp cloth - this will make your lips super smooth and the perfect base for your product.

  • If you have any scars that you want to cover you need to use products with the most sticking power – these are creams and waxes rather than liquids which will slide off.

Once you have your makeup looking just how you would like it to it is important to keep it that way. Below are a few tips to keep your makeup looking perfect:

  • If you don’t have any setting spray you can mist a fine layer of hairspray over your face – this will set your makeup and stop it from budging.

  • Got shiny skin on the go, but nothing to touch up your make-up? Get a tissue or even some toilet paper, separate the layers and use the thin sheets to blot off excess oil. It works better than some store-bought blotting papers!

  • To set your lipstick try applying a little eye shadow (in the same shade) over the top of your lippy. Not only will this keep your lipstick on for much longer but it will also give you a gorgeous matte effect on any lipstick.

  • To keep lipstick on when drinking, lick the side of your glass where your lips touch. This will stop your lipstick from coming off and sticking to the glass.

I hope you found some of these tips useful and please comment if you have any that didn’t make the list!

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