Wednesday, 12 December 2012

No7 Beautiful Skin Energising Mask Review

After the babbling and rambling of my last post we're back to beauty reviews with this post (even though there may be some babbling and rambling thrown in here, as well - I just cannot help myself sometimes).
I bought this mask when my skin was in ridiculously good condition (I'm not showing off, it doesn't happen that often) and I didn't really know what I wanted from my skincare. That's when I came across this "Energising Mask". "Energising" is a good thing, surely - who wouldn't want to have more energy, even though I'm not entirely sure how my skin would behave more energised.

Random Anecdote #1:
I bought this when I was still living in Germany, which unfortunately doesn't have any Boots stores. During a day trip to Holland I spotted a Boots on the side of the road and erupted in a crazy screaming fit. Cue screeching tires, a very tight U-turn and a trip into said Boots. Now, imagine my disappointment when all I found inside was plenty of cough medicine and a teeny tiny No7 stand. Better than nothing, though, I guess. Now that I can go to a Boots as many times as I like again, my life feels so much more enriched.

The Beautiful Skin Energising Mask is what I call a peeley mask. You apply a thin layer onto the face, wait for it to dry and work its magic and then you peel off the hardened product together with whatever rubbish was stuck on your skin. In order for it to dry properly you need to make sure you spread only a very small amount over your skin, which means that this little tube will last for ages and ages.
It's not the most pleasant product to apply, as it's extremely sticky and will give your face an absolutely disgusting yellow tinge.

Random Anecdote #2
One of the first times I used this I got nice and comfy at home (I may have been wearing an Eeyore onesie), relaxed while the mask was working, before making my way to the bathroom to peel it off. In comes my boyfriend with a friend from work, both of them barging their way into the bathroom to say hello (as you do.....), just as I'm peeling what looks like yellow bits of skin off my face. Wearing an Eeyore onesie. I was mortified. His friend was mortified. The boyfriend was laughing so hard he almost cried. Lesson learned? Always lock the bathroom, even when you're home alone. Don't think I'll ever live this moment down.

The peeling-off part of the mask does actually give an odd sense of satisfaction, but be warned: If any of it hasn't dried properly it will stick like mad! Also, make sure your hair is well out of the way and that you don't get any of this on your eyebrows, as pulling it out is anything but fun.

My face afterwards does feel a little cleaner and always looks a little rosy and flushed which I put down to the pulling and tugging of my skin - maybe that's what was meant by "energising"?
Now that my skin is no longer in ridiculously good condition it doesn't really seem to make that much of a difference at all.
All in all, this is a product I will happily use up, but won't rush out to repurchase, as I think I prefer my skincare not to have the same texture as superglue.

The No7 Beautiful Skin Energising Mask retails at £12.50 for a 75ml tube.

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