Thursday, 17 November 2011

Weekly Lust List #3 and Bargain Alert

I'm going on holiday to Florida this Sunday, so there might be a bit of a draught post-wise for a while. I will be taking my camera and my MacBook, so if I can find a minute I might post the hotel room, though no promises there. Me and my boyfriend been dreaming about this holiday for years and working our butts off for the past couple of months in order to make this possible, so we're majorly excited! Before I whip out my Mickey Mouse ears, however, there was an event I wanted to let you know about.

We all love free things, especially when they come with no strings attached, right? Vaseline are currently touring the UK offering a free, full-sized bottle of the new Vaseline Essentials Body Lotion for anyone who brings in an old, unwanted bottle of body lotion. They've been to Glasgow and Manchester already, but if you live in or near Birmingham or London you can still snap up this offer.
They'll be in Birmingham this weekend, November 18-20, at the Bullring and in London next weekend, November 25-27 at Westfield, Shepherd's Bush.
The city that brings in the most bottles will earn a £15,000 donation for a chosen local charity, which is always a great thing!

This week's lust list is a little bit on the shorter side after a non-existent one last week. It seems that I'm way too busy preparing for my holiday or fantasising about actually being on holiday to engage in any window shopping. Prepare for a massive haul post once I'm back, however!

1) MAC Glitter & Ice Paint Pot in Let's Skate!, £14

I have a confession to make: I don't own a single MAC paint pot. I see everyone raving on about these and I'm getting more and more tempted to pick one up for myself, but as of yet I remain paint-pot-less. MAC's holiday items haven't really blown me away this year, but this looks like a really gorgeous shade to start off my collection. Looks like I'll be lusting over it for a little longer though, as it's completely sold out online.

2) Topshop Nude Maribou Feather Bag, £50

Topshop had a similar bag to this last year and even though it was one of those items that makes you cross the entire store without even bothering to look at anything else I didn't end up buying it in the end. They also do this bag in other colours, including black, plum and a bright ochre, but this has got to be my favourite. Tacky? Probably a little bit, but what else can I say other than "It's SO FLUFFY!"

3) Lush Gingerbread House, £2.95

Here's another confession for you: I haven't been in a Lush shop since the age of 12. Ok, that's a lie - I've been once, but didn't actually buy anything. Now, there's been a lot of Lush love going on lately and I can't help but feel a bit of a craving for a lovely bubble bath. Especially if it's surrounded by gorgeous Christmas smells. I love the look of this, I love the smell of this and I love the attention to detail that's gone into something that's meant to be dissolved in water. I'm afraid there's no way I'm not going to pick up one of these when I get back from holiday.


  1. I'd definitely recommend Rubenesque paint pot, it is great as a base for neutral or bronze looks x

  2. I couldn't resist popping by the MAC counter in town today and sneaking in a quick swatch of Let's Skate and Rubenesque. I'll definitely be purchasing one of those in America (or maybe both)! Thanks for the recommendation!