Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Weekly Lust List #2

1) River Island Burgundy Coated Zip Super Skinny Jeans, £45.00

Oh my god, how amazing are these jeans?? I really don't care that much about flares or palazzo pants - I'll probably always be a skinny jeans girl at heart, especially with beauties like these around. The colour stands out in a sea of grey and black with the zips injecting a healthy dose of attitude. I can feel myself stand taller just by looking at these.

2) Models Own Beetlejuice nail polish collection, £5 for one or £20 for set
To be honest these don't look great in promotional pictures, but I first saw them on and then looked up some swatches and these look gorgeous on nails. I really wish they weren't called Beetlejuice, as I'm not a great fan of anything that crawls, but it's still a great alternative to this season's prevalent glitter polish trend.

3) Asos Disk Sequin Mesh Top, £35

Trust Asos for affordable dupes of the biggest catwalk hits. If you picked up any fashion magazine in the last two months you're bound to have stumbled across a stunning white double layered Stella McCartney dress which inspired this top. Cheryl Cole was snapped in it fresh off the catwalk, but to be quite honest I didn't think she was the right person to carry this off. This also comes in red, but I by far prefer the white one.

4) We Are Faux false eye lashes in Painted Lady, £15.50
After ruining two pairs of falsies for Halloween my total count of false eye lashes is now at 0. I've only recently heard of this brand and I really love this criss-crossed pair with a bronze glitter strip at the top. If I'm going to bother with false eye lashes I may as well make it worth my time and these add the necessary amount of sparkle to stand out, especially against blue eyes.

5) Lancome, All I Want This Christmas advent calendar, £80 (exclusive to Selfridges)
I swooned over this as soon as it was released last year and by the time my boyfriend couldn't hear about it anymore and decided to buy it for me it was already sold out. I love Christmas, I love waiting for Christmas and I love beauty, so what's not to like about this? (Apart from the horrendously high price, of course.) This year I'm uhmming and ahhhing over it again - not sure it's worth it considering I'm on holiday during the first week of December anyway and I'll probably need all my money while I'm away. It's still worth dropping loads of hints for this

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  1. Love those nail polishes! For some reason at the moment I'm changing the colour everyday!