Tuesday, 8 November 2011

NOTD #02 Betty Blues

I dug through my nail polishes recently and realised that I don't have too many wintery shades when I found this one that I'd completely forgotten about! I bought this ages ago and only wore it about once or twice, so decided to give it another go.
It was only after applying it that I remembered why I hadn't used it for so long. You can tell a little bit from the photo, but in the bottle the polish is a gorgeous dark blue shade with a tiny hint of blue shimmer. Unfortunately, this doesn't translate to the nails. It tried forever to find a light in which my nails wouldn't look black until I eventually gave up realising that they simply look black, no matter how you look at it.

Application was a nightmare as the varnish had a thick and gloopy consistency. The good thing was that I got a solid colour from the first application (apart from on my little finger, which I only noticed looking at the picture now) - but I also had to sit around all evening waiting for it to dry and when I finally went to bed after three hours I still managed to damage it.
I tried to apply thin coats by wiping the brush on the bottle like mad, but the result was streaky, messy and still gloopy.
I also spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the mess left behind by blobs of product.

This is a major disappointment for me, as I fell in love with a set of No.7 mini polishes that I received for Christmas last year. I just don't seem to be so lucky with any of the full sized products that I've bought since. On the plus side I found this fairly long lasting, but I think I'll be taking it off tonight anyway considering the mess it's left.

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