Monday, 24 October 2011

Weekly Lust List

I thought I'd make a new feature on my blog and make a weekly lust list. This is quite a popular topic in the blogosphere and personally I always like reading what other people would like to buy. Maybe it will also help me stop buying things that I don't really need/want? At the very least it's always fun to do a bit of online window shopping!

1) Asos Belted Dress in Pheasant Print, £35.00
I've got a bit of an obsession going on at the moment with day dresses and this little beauty would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe! It's a beautiful colour for autumn/winter and I just adore the rucheing on the sleeves, which are also a very comfortable length. The belt's included in the price and adds a nice bit of interest and a contrasting colour pop. The only thing is that I'd have to buy some more tights first, seeing as the dog has chewed up two pairs last week!

2) Benefit Watt's up! soft focus highlighter, £24.50
Just as I was starting to brag about how good my skin's been lately, it decides to go all dull and horrible on me. It might just be the winter weather, or it might be my current moisturiser, which I'm starting to eye with a bit of suspicion. Either way, I'm hankering after something that will bring a bit of life back to my complexion and this new highlighter/illuminator by Benefit looks really intriguing. I'm also loving the pretty packaging with the sponge applicator on one end.

3) Topshop Knitted Chunky Zip Cardigan, £60.00
This looks soooo warm and comfortable, I just want to snuggle up in it right now. I'm loving the contrasting stripe down the middle and slightly Navajo-ey pattern on the chest. It's the kind of thing you'd get bullied for when I was at school, but now it's in fashion I can let my inner geek out. It's such a shame about the price, though - £60 for a jumper?? Looks like this isn't happening any time soon for me.

4) Forever21 Sparkling Love Ring, £3.15
I adore Forever21's jewellery section and this ring is just so pretty! I tend to get allergic reactions to cheap jewellery if I have it for too long, so my collection consists of some keep-forever pieces that are made of gold or silver and a few fashion/costume pieces which I rotate regularly. The price is reasonable, so I'd be happy to wear it a few times and then chuck it once it makes my hand turn green.

5) Stila Retractable Powder Brush, £17.00
I really, really need to buy some more make-up brushes, but just can't bring myself to spend any money on them at the moment. This is something I need desperately for powder touch-ups on the go. I refuse to use sponges and powder puffs that come with a face powder, as they're difficult to clean and therefore unhygienic and also pretty rubbish for application. At the moment I just blot my face with tissue/toilet paper if I need to, but obviously that doesn't last for too long, so I really need to get my hands on one of these beauties, so I can powder myself up without getting stuff all over my handbag.

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