Sunday, 18 September 2011

What I'm doing here

I have finally decided to start a new blog - again. I've had numerous blogs in the past, but either got bored of them after a couple of posts or decided that I gave away waaaay too much about myself and in a frenzy of panic deleted everything I'd worked on so far. So bear with me on this one. It just took me about two hours to set up all my social media profiles and link them all together, so there's already too much effort in this one to just give up like that.
I'm not entirely sure what all this is going to be about. Mainly beauty, as I am absolutely obsessed with make-up, cosmetics and all other lovely things that help us look our best. I might also add a few posts on fashion and my day-to-day life (that's assuming anyone would be interested in that, hah!). But yeah, mainly beauty.

My love of beauty is nothing new. I started using make-up when I was about 13, even though my parents thought that was way too young and I had to do it secretly on my way to school. It didn't occur to me to take it off on my way back, so I got told off regularly when I came home until my mum finally gave up and let me wear make-up.
Beauty to me is that little bit of luxury that you can pamper yourself with day by day. I may not be able to afford a Chanel dress, but when I put on a Chanel foundation every morning I still get a certain sense of indulgence (I will say more about Chanel foundations in a later post). Likewise, I'd love to buy a new wardrobe every season, but neither space nor money will let me. With make-up, however, I can tap into all the latest trends and I can change my whole persona whenever I want to. I can be retro/vintage one day, girly the next and then goth myself up the following day without committing to a new look or busting my credit card limit.
And after a particularly long and shitty day there really is nothing better than to pamper yourself with a face mask and a bubble bath or - even better - a trip to the spa.
There's also not much in the world that's better than opening the packaging of a brand new lotion or powder or other product (Okay, that might be a bit of weird one. I've got this thing about opening things that gets me really excited...)

Here, I'm hoping to share my love of everything new and breakthrough to make you look and feel better. Apologies about the uhm "basic" layout of this blog - I'll try and sort out something slightly funkier when I get the time!

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