Sunday, 28 October 2012

Essence 24h Hand Protection Balm review

Before continuing any further, please note that I'm reviewing a hand cream, yet I really don't like hand creams. I consider them a necessity, as especially in winter my hands can get so dry the skin on my knuckles actually cracks and bleeds, so a good hand cream (or a thick slather of vaseline or 8 hour cream over night) can usually prevent this problem. But the thing is that I hate - HATE - the feeling of greasy hands while I go about my day to day business, so I've just resigned myself to applying hand cream over night to do its magic for the following day.

The thing that made me buy this one in an instant was the price - let's not kid ourselves here. It cost 1€. That's less than a pound! I was sold in an instant. With such a low price I didn't expect any miracles, so I wasn't overly disappointed when this turned out to be a complete dud.

Let's start with this (in my opinion rather outrageous) claim of 24 hours of intensive care and protection. Yeah... no. It doesn't happen, sorry. I've tried other intensive hand creams before and while they left a horrible greasy film that took forever to sink in, I'd wake up to beautiful, soft and nourished hands. With this there's no difference at all, so I guess it's already an achievement that my hands don't get any worse.

So, if it's not a very nourishing cream, does it sink in quickly at least? No, it doesn't do that either. In fact, it just sits on your hands for ages, so I assume that most of it has ended up smeared all over my bed sheets, rather than sunk into my skin like it's supposed to be.

On the plus side it has a light and pleasant smell, slightly reminiscent of Nivea cream or baby lotion, which I find very comforting. It comes in a lightweight tube which is easy to carry around. And it only cost 1€. But next time, I'd rather invest a little more money and get something better out of it.

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