Friday, 20 April 2012

Soap & Glory Pulp Friction Review

I love a good scrub and though I've been faithful to the lemon scrub by the Body Shop for a while, that one has one major problem and that's the packaging. For normal use the tub is completely fine, but try and take it travelling and the oily contents will get everywhere. I was tempted to try S&G's much raved about Breakfast Scrub, but that one also comes in a pot with a screw top and I just didn't trust it.
Hence, my new choice, Soap & Glory's Pulp Friction!

I love it when a brand makes an effort with fun product naming - nothing wrong with packaging that makes you a little bit happy inside every time you look at it!
As already mentioned, this comes in a squeezy tube and I can happily report that there was absolutely no spillage in my suitcase when I took this along with me. You get 250ml of product which will last a fairly long amount of time and is quite generous in my opinion.

I must say the ingredients advertised at the front of the tube did make me raise my eyebrows quite a bit. Orange waterjuice and vitaminballs, anyone? And what on earth is Lemonade Tree Liquid? Is there such a thing as a lemonade tree???
Anyway, the scent of this is to die for. Think fruity, zesty citrus fruit, but in no way reminiscent of cleaning liquids as some other citrus scented products are. The smell is strong enough to give a pleasurable experience while scrubbing away under the shower, but it doesn't stay on the skin - which is actually a bit of a shame, in my opinion!

The instructions say you should apply this on damp skin, which will cause some of the product to foam up. Now, I don't really see the point in this. It has a lovely, gritty texture which does a great job of sloughing away dead skin, but the foaming actually counteracts this a little bit.
What tends to happen is that I put a blob on, say, my leg, scrub away happily for a few seconds, but by the time I get to my knee it's foamed up and become slippy, losing some of its grit. As a result I end up using quite a lot of product to get the same scrubbing sensation all over my body.

Swatched dry

Swatched wet and spread out
It's not an oily product (it does contain some oil, but only a little bit), it won't leave any residue on your skin after rinsing off. I know that's a big plus point for most, but I actually like a bit of oiliness from my exfoliator. It's not a major put off though, as I guess that's where body moisturiser/butter/oil comes into play anyway.

Would I repurchase this? As it stands, no. It's a great exfoliator that really does its job, but the foaming annoys me a little bit. However, I will use up my tube very happily and if you're after a good, hard-working body scrub this might just be what you need in your life. I wouldn't recommend it for sensitive types, as it really is very abrasive.

Pulp Friction is available from Boots and online for £8.00.

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